Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Format for a New Year

After an entirely too long hiatus from blogging, I've returned with a new fervor for covering the important political events transpiring right now that affect us all.

Realizing that I am a time-starved student, and taking inspiration from one of my daily reads, I will likely be experimenting with some new formats going forward. This may include a flurry a smaller posts ("text bites," if you like) per day, punctuated with longer posts or even essays on selected topics. I may also branch out into literature, philosophy, technology, or other subjects that enthrall me, though given that politics has long been a strong interest of mine and the current state of American politics, I will very likely remain focused largely on politics. I also intend to resume the Stamp-of-Idiocy feature, if only because it gives me personal joy and the campaign season offers so much fodder.

That said, I hope that all of my readers had a pleasant holiday season and have enjoyed the new year thus far. Here's to 2008!