Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stamp-of-Idiocy #2 & #3: Obama ≠ Osama; O'Reilly Can't Be Outraged Enough

The Stamp-of-Idiocy is back, and we've got a double-feature this week to make up for the recent hiatus.

When I first saw the words "Romney's Osama-Obama mix-up" on RealClearPolitics' video section, I couldn't help but cringe. I've seen all sorts of nonsense from conservatives making a mountain out of the molehill that is Obama's full name -- Barack (gasp!) Hussein Obama -- and I thought perhaps Romney had made some similar slip of the tongue. Instead, I was absolutely floored to find a ten-second clip of Romney accusing Obama of releasing an audiotape exhorting extremists and jihadists to action in Iraq. See for yourself below:

Given the dubious nature of many of Romney's policy stances, what with his various "conversions" and all, I find it difficult to take his campaign at its word when it said this astounding error was "a simple mistake." Whether this was a case of incredible ignorance on Romney's part or a clumsy attempt at a smear against Obama, it's fairly inexcusable. Hey, Mitt, let's go back and do some more work on names, and then we can move on to colors.

Also on the right(-wing) side of life, everyone's favorite conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly recently took to his seat of power, the "No-Spin Zone," to -- what else? -- spin. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I take serious issue not necessarily with Bill-O's views per se, but rather with virtually everything about the way he runs his show -- the shameless right-wing spin, frequent misrepresentation of facts, shouting down guests, etc.) He seized on the fact that the "committed-left" media gave less time to the story of the posthumous awarding of the Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael P. Murphey than Fox, virtually apoplectic as he accused them of hating Bush's policies and therefore the hating the soldiers as well. If you're prepared to attempt to follow Bill-O's vast leaps of logic (and risk falling in the giant chasms between), then feel free to follow the link:

Yes, Bill, clearly the other news channels hate the soldiers, because MSNBC and CNN didn't cover the story five and seven distinct times respectively, and didn't actually cover the award ceremony live. Oh, wait.

I await the day when the gravitational force of all of Bill-O's spin inside the "No-Spin Zone" becomes too strong to withstand and causes a devastating rupture of the fabric of space-time inside the studio.

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